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 Gaon Skill Build

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PostSubject: Gaon Skill Build   Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:17 am

This is my burrent build, and after trying a lot of different builds, imo its the best i could made Surprised
1- Spear Strike:
· Shock Spear: fast and strong, main skill for comboing but there is better skills. 0 or Max.
· High Slash: 0
· Single Slash: sieg's dfist, it can hurt 5k dmg easily, has endu frames, but 1 sec delay. 0 or Max
· Spear Barrage: slow and weak. 0
· Spinning Spear Strike: this skills is perfect for a non rb build, it has high dmg and u can cancel it when its 6/11. It also breaks the combos, so only 6/11 for AEH effect and fast cancel.
· RB Spear Barrage: lots of hits fast and canceable, but its dmg is average. 0 or Max.

2- Lightning Strike:
· Lightning God Strike: easy to combo, fast and has endu frames. The RB version is much better. Perfect for non rb builds. 0 or Max.
· Lightning Charge: the worst gaon skill, its weak, slow and hard to combo. 0
· Lightning Leap: one of the best skills, fast, has endu frames, and hurts a lot (1,2k dmg) and 4 hits. Max
· Great Lightning Strike: its slow, but its like deir's tencacles, more lvls = more hits but same dmg, it does 500 dmg or more and 12 hits at max, it looks awesome too, if u want a fast skill, dont add this. 0 or Max
· Lightning God Slash: fast, useful for dodging and high dmg. 1/9
· Both RB skills are a must Max, they are fast, awesome and have hax dmg.

3- Dragon Leap:
· Dragon Slash: it does only 2 hits, but has high dmg, max it if u have sp enough. 0 or Max
· Dragon Fang: one of the worst skills, slow, weak and only 1 hit. 0
· Lightning Dragon: this is awesome for comboing, it can be cancelled for all the skills, it has a little more dmg than yuki's ice dragon, but its slower. 1/10 for comboing or max it if u want. (Aprox 400-500 dmg maxed)
· Dragon Leap: its nice for flinching and pushing, but the dmg doesnt increase a lot each lvl. 1/9
· Flying Dragon: fast and high dmg, but the dmg doesnt increase each lvl (only 500 from lvl 1 to Cool. Its perfect for high mobs. 1/8
· RB Dragon Leap: huge dmg and range, its awesome. 5/5.

Max the "Lightning God" if u can, its amazing, it works for lightning and physical.
· Magic defence: same as others chars, max it if u want.

Just max both pasives, physical pasive gives 30% more dmg, and magical pasive gives 34%.

I wish it helped you Very Happy.

(if u cant see the image:

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Gaon Skill Build
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